Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development believes that a different kind of healthcare system is possible for Canada – one that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care. They believe that one day, all healthcare providers will be able to prescribe solutions that improve health, not just manage disease. The organization seeks to align the forces necessary for this change, using Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development’ work in partner hospitals and health centers to make a broader case for integrating basic resources into healthcare delivery. At the same time, America is poised for a healthcare transformation due to market-driven imperatives focused on improving patient health and reducing costs.

When patients and their families seek medical care, they often face critical challenges in their lives at the same time – they have little food, they have no job, they struggle to keep up with bills for gas and electricity. Not surprisingly, these challenges affect their health.

Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development enables healthcare providers to prescribe basic resources like food and heat just as they do medication and refer patients to a program just as they do any other specialty. they recruit and train college students— Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development Advocates – to fill these prescriptions by working side by side with patients to connect them with the basic resources they need to be healthy.